When it comes to high quality manuscript coverage and analysis they don’t come any better than Heidi Carlson. Heidi writes beautifully. Her insights and perceptions have been extraordinarily helpful in providing guidance to authors with whom I have worked. Her suggestions have frequently made the difference that has made a manuscript saleable; and she is great at finding diamonds in the rough.
— Wayne Kabak, CEO and founder of the literary and talent management firm WSK Management, LLC

Heidi Carlson has worked with me for many years. She has read manuscripts that were sent to me and evaluated them carefully and creatively. Her sense of writing and appreciation of it has been extremely useful and important for me. Her editorial skills are so finely tuned and on target that I confidently recommend her participation in the process of the creation of a good book.
— Owen Laster, former head of the William Morris Agency's Worldwide Literary Operations

I have worked with a host of writing teachers over the years. Some have been inspiring, some detrimental but I have never worked before with someone like Heidi. Her gentle prodding and clear feedback make it so easy to overcome the struggles that writing involves. She has been magnificently helpful and a wonderful ‘second eye’ for me, especially when I think my work is rubbish. I am far more confident in myself as a writer as result of her assistance and support. I never really thought of myself as a writer, particularly as a good writer, but Heidi has substantially altered the landscape for me and now I take myself far more seriously as one. I will always be grateful to her for everything she has done for me.
— Rowan Wymark